Have A Perfect College Life With Monash Student Accommodation In Melbourne

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Every student studying abroad wishes only one thing when finding an accommodation space: their accommodation space should be near his university or college. Why? It enables them not to waste their precious time traveling and an ample amount of money on traveling expenses. Apart from that, they want such spaces so that during exam time, they can attend late-night lectures and do group studies with friends on college campuses. So to fulfill their wishes, there are accommodations made that provide rental accommodation to the students of Monash university and also to the universities near it, commonly known as monash student accommodation.

What are the other perks provided in these spaces?

With private luxurious rooms, students are provided with free wi-fi 24/7, so they can do it easily at any time if they want to browse facts while studying. These accommodation apartments have open balconies, shared kitchens, and two-three bathrooms. Apart from these basic needs, there are various rooms in these buildings that serve the relaxation purposes of students, such as gym rooms, cinema rooms, multi-functional rooms, dance studios, game rooms, and even sky-lounges for ultimate relaxation. The other facilities these building spaces provide are common laundry rooms, co-working spaces, communal study rooms, and much more. The services which these accommodation spaces offer to the students are a digital parcel management system, security system, and card-lock system.

monash student accommodation

What are the types of rooms in these accommodation spaces?

The types of rooms which are in these spaces are:

  • Studio premium: In these studio premium rooms, ample storage is provided with comfortable queen-sized beds. These are perfect for people who like privacy as these rooms have private kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Studio Standard: Ample storage is provided with a comfortable study corner in these spaces.
  • Studio Deluxe: In this deluxe studio, a king-sized bed is provided to the students with a complete kitchenette, bathroom space, and a cozy study corner.
  • Studio twin share: In these studio apartments, there is a common bathroom and kitchenette between two people, as this apartment is a shared apartment.
  • Studio Grand: In these apartments, people get an excellent view of Melbourne city, with comfortable queen-sized beds and cozy study corners.
  • Ensuite premium: These apartments are for those who want to enjoy community life and want to share a lounge area and kitchenettes. These rooms have comfortable beds and ensuite bathrooms.

Some rooms provide perfect study for students who dream of studying abroad.