Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Pool Pump & Filter

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Swimming pools are a significant investment and are the best luxury addition to your home. But there are many different kinds of factors you need to consider to get the best out of your budget. For example, you need to look for the right swimming pool for your home, and it depends on how big your backyard is. And the most crucial decision you need to make is the appropriate pool pump and filter to make your investment last longer. And with the correct pump and filter, your swimming pool system will run optimally.

A pool pump and filter will make your swimming pool cleaner and run at maximum efficiency. So if you’re currently searching for the different kinds of pool and spa products online, here are some tips you can follow when shopping for a pool pump and filter.

Measure Your Pool

The first thing you need to do when looking for a pump is to measure your pool. You can do that by taking a measuring tape to measure the pool’s length, width, and depth. This info is crucial because you’ll have to base on the pool measurement when choosing the right type of pool pump and filter. And if the measurements are not in exact feet, convert fractions of a foot to decimals. And you should add the exact depth of the pool’s level and not the depth that your pool can hold.

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Calculate the Water in Your Pool

The next step is to calculate how many gallons of water your pool can hold. If your swimming pool is not perfectly rectangular, look for a pool volume calculator online. The pool volume calculator will help you determine the volume of a swimming pool with different shapes.

Calculate the Minimum Flow Rate

The swimming pool’s water needs to do a complete circulation every eight hours. And for this to happen, you’ll need to find out the minimum flow rate of your swimming pool. You can do that by dividing the number of gallons of water that your pool holds by eight. Then, divide that quotient by 60. The answer is the minimum flow rate of your swimming pool.

Determine the Maximum Flow Rate

The size of the pipes determines the maximum flow rate of a swimming pool. For example, three-inch pipes can handle 150 gallons per minute, two-inch pipes can handle 73 gallons per minute, and 1.5-inch pipes can hold 45 gallons per minute.

Choose the Right Pool & Filter

In choosing the right pool pump, make sure the flow rate is somewhere between the minimum and maximum for your swimming pool. And when it comes to the filter, use the surface area of your pool and check an online filter sizing chart.

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