Choose From These Types of Residential Air Conditioning Systems

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There are different kinds of air conditioning systems that are mostly used in residential properties. If you are looking at your options, then you should take into account the different A/C categories that are listed below. Make sure that you look into its advantages before you decide. So before you decide on a product from Russell’s Heating and Cooling, then look at these options available for you.

Window-Type Air Conditioning Unit

This type of air conditioning system is installed into a window. Some make a specific opening on the wall of a room to install it. This A/C is all-in-one as everything is housed in one unit. This is one of the most convenient options for your home. You can install this on your own, or have someone do it for you at a more affordable cost than other A/C systems. However, this is ideal if you want to cool one room per A/C unit.

Split-Type Air Conditioning System

One of the most used types of air conditioning units in homes is the split system. The indoor unit is installed within the room. Then there is an outdoor unit connected to it where the compressor and condenser are installed. The inside unit is the one that distributes cooled air. The exterior one on the other hand expels the excess warmth from indoors. The split-type air conditioning system is one of the most preferred for cooling multiple rooms with one unit.

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Ducted Air Conditioning System

This type of A/C system makes use of the ceiling or wall ducts to provide cool air to the entire home. Each room has ducts and vents and all these are connected to a main unit. This is where the compressor, condenser, and air handler are all housed. A ducted system is another great option for larger houses.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

This unit is not permanent so it can be brought from one room to the other. This unit already comes with everything that an A/C needs to function. These portable units are flexible yet they are less powerful than conventional air conditioning systems. This is suitable for cooling smaller areas.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

This type of A/C unit can have multi-split systems and be connected to a single outdoor unit. This is the most ideal for residences with different cooling needs for each room. This way, each area with systems will have separate temperature regulations.

When choosing the best A/C system for your home, know what are the different options you have. This way, you can make a well-informed decision to fit your needs and preferences. If you are not sure which ones to buy, look at Russell’s Heating and Cooling products and find out which is the best for your needs.

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