What Genre of Music is LovelyTheBand?

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There are a wide range of musical genres that you can end up looking into at any given point in time, and this diversity has resulted in quite a few people developing fairly specific preferences in this regard. The thing to note here is that the advent of genres and their formalization is a relatively recent occurrence in some way, shape or form, and there are several ways in which one could go about figuring out what a genre is which we will start getting into shortly.

LovelyTheBand has often been considered as a musical group that is relatively hard to categorize. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that their upcoming Florida concerts feature music that is quite different from any other songs that you might hear, but regardless of this eclectic musical approach it is still possible to put them into a genre based on the ethos with which they end up creating music. This band is widely known for being really independent and for eschewing mainstream sounds in favor of something that is decidedly more on the DIY end of the spectrum.

Beast From Beauty

That basically means that this band comes under the Indie umbrella, with many genre specialists referring to them as some form of indie rock or indie pop. They take their inspiration from a fairly large number of sources, so pigeonholing them is something that can be exceedingly difficult if you think about it. Indie is a label that tends to fit, not because it is strict but much on the contrary because of how diverse it can be with regards to the qualities that it adheres to.

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