How to Prevent accidental Slipping and Falling on Your Property

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Because polished floors are frequently slippery when wet, slip and fall accidents are becoming increasingly common in the industrial and office sectors. According to the Bureau-of-Labor Statistics, there were roughly 303,800 recorded workplace fall injuries in 2000. This percentage is rapidly rising because of poor flooring selections and maintenance procedures that make the floor surface slippery. Polished floor slip testing is used in industrial areas because they are easy to clean and remove stains and grime.

Because the number of slip and fall accidents is rising improved floor-care products are being created to keep people safe. An increasing number of homeowners are now using polished and stained floors to complement their home’s interior style. As a result, it’s critical to protect oneself from slips and falls. Here are some excellent strategies to keep you safe from slipping, tripping, and falling:

Keep the floor dry:

Even on a concrete surface, moisture is one of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries. So, if you come across leaking roofs or pipelines, fix them right away. Before removing the “wet floor” signs, carefully remove all the water and make sure the floor is arid. Using mats at doorways to prevent water from entering the building can considerably reduce your chance of slipping and falling.

Floor Slip Testing

Perform frequent floor slip testing:

So, to avoid avoidable slip incidents, it is critical to do periodic floor slip testing. A qualified floor inspection professional can determine whether the floor is slip-resistant or dangerous and recommend solutions to make the surface safer.

Employ an anti-slip floor treatment: 

 If your building’s floor is prone to slips, you may need to use an anti-slip floor treatment to avoid serious injuries. Because of their lively character, children are more prone to injuries. Still, the elderly are far more likely to die due to complications that occur in the hospital following a slip and fall accident. As a result, it is important to address the slipping issue as soon as possible. Nowadays, wide selections of floor-care products, such as Do-It-Yourself abrasive coatings, anti-slip tape, anti-slip tile, and more, are available to protect people from falls and slips.

Use correct footwear when walking: 

 Improper footwear can lead to slips and falls. As a result, choosing footwear with slip-resistant soles and heels is critical. Cleaning the floor is necessary since garbage, food spills, dust, grease, and fats can cause the floor to become slippery. These are some important precautions to take to avoid slipping and falling. The best anti-slip tape can successfully avoid slip and fall accidents. The author is an expert in anti-slip floor treatments and has already written numerous articles on the subject of Floor Slip Testing.

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