The importance of an animated explanatory video

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Videos are a very popular tool in the marketing world, but they are more important than you might think. It is important to know why video marketing is becoming more essential in the current paradigm than with writing. So an animated explainer videos video is an original way to show your audience who you are, the values ​​of the company and how you solve problems for your customers. All of this can be possible in a short video and they will sure hit play

Why an explanatory video

It will help you increase your conversion rate. In addition, it also provides more details about the product message. For this reason, explanatory videos give your sales a boost, as well as motivating more people to buy a product / service once they have seen the video.

Different reasons that will make you see why choose animation for your explanatory videos.

animated explainer videos

  1. You may be one of the cases where you have a difficult product to explain (first) with other video formats.With animations, you have more flexibility when displaying certain content, making it easier to display your productIn addition, the advantage that animation has over real images is that extra information can be displayed.
  2. Animated characters in explainer videos can be engaging and create a strong connection with the target audience. For this reason, creating a pleasant atmosphere improves the impact made on the audience, capturing their attention. When the story is easy to follow and captures emotions well, it is much more memorable. Also, explanatory videos made with animation are less related to being a mere marketing tool. Therefore, this will make more people want to see the video, since it will be more comfortable for them than perceiving that it is only commercial material.
  3. Animation is not just limited to scripts: In an animated video, the character can do anything you want, in any way you like. You can fly, dance, sing, dress whatever. Even overcome the barriers of space-time! That is why we insist that it can be a unique way of presenting your product / service. This is exactly what we wanted for the video which is creative.

Your concept could focus on humor, using a whiteboard-style explanatory video, or it could be an easy-to-watch video that breaks long text down into much smaller points.

To summarize what has been explained, using an explanatory video is a way to communicate a lot of information to the customer in a simple and brief way. You can create incredible videos that provoke your emotions to the surface! Without forgetting the improvement that can result for your sales.

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